Tuesday, February 01, 2011




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- 10th Anniversary of Chronic Artists Association (Asociación ARTISTAS CRÓNICOS).



- Barcelona. In the CaixaForum Barcelona: "Teotihuacan. City of the Gods", until June 19th.

- Art fairs: Art 42 Basel, 15-19 June.

- Venice Biennale 2011, (Art: 4 June - 27 November).

- Madrid. In the Prado Museum: "The Young Ribera", until July 31st.

- Madrid. In the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum: "Jean–Léon Gérôme (1824-1904)", until May 22nd.

- ... and other exhibitions and links about: art, illustration, photography, animation, design...

- More links on LOS-ENLACES (the links).


- You the Designer: 40+ Digital Painting Tutorials You Should Study. Via creativosonline. PSDFAN: 20 Beautiful Digital Portraits of Women. Via creativosonline.

- You the Designer: blog about graphic design, illustration...

- PSDFAN: Photoshop tutorials, design articles and other resources.

- 10 Photorealistic Painters.

- Visualizing: online community around Data visualization . Via wwwhatsnew.

- On YouTube: Isaac Asimov foresaw the internet impact. Via buscatv.

- On YouTube: RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms by Ken Robinson. Via buscatv. 

- Illustrators: Amanda Grazini ( website / blog ). Via pristina.

- The best 2010 inphographics... ( infographics 1 / infographics 2 ). Via infografistas.

- Musicuo: listen music online online (en HTML5). Via genbeta. See also: Grooveshark.

- Artists: Malcolm T. Liepke ( on issuu / on flikr ). Via recogedor.

- Webexpedition18: 50 Adorable Vintage Movie Posters. Via portafolioblog.

- Alternative tools to Delicious. Via ecuaderno.

- Tutorials about HDR – The Evolution Of Photography. Via webexpedition18. See also: wikipedia / solophotoshop.

- On flickr: paper works by Cheong-ah Hwang. Via webintenta.

- Comic Book Resources: The 50 best comic covers of 2010. Via avertigo.

- fflick: movie reviews using Twitter. Via kabytes.

- Illustrators: Meritxell Ribas.

- JOBS: an animated educational serie on jobs. Via eje-zeta. See website: SupamonkS.

- On Vimeo: Two Men. Via openculture.

- Neotake: ebooks search engine.

- Hyperrealistic paintings by Tom Martin. Via tecnoculto. See website.

- Illustration: Johan Thörnqvist.

- Illustration: Yulia Brodskaya. Via borjaalami.

- Animation on vimeo: "Al Dente". Via puertopixel.




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  • Thursday, January 06, 2011

    On diigo: update with all news and links published through twitter and our fans page on facebook. The link to this service will be available in the sidebar of this blog for future consultations.
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  • Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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  • Friday, October 01, 2010




    - Now you can also find more news through twitter and our fans page on facebook. The links to these services will be available in the sidebar of this blog for future consultations.



    - Paris. In the Grand Palais: "Claude Monet.1840 -1926", September 22, 2010 - January 24, 2011.

    - London. In the Tate Modern: "Gauguin: Maker of Myth", 30 September 2010 – 16 January 2011.

    - Bilbao. In the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum: "The Golden Age of Dutch and Flemish Painting from the Städel Museum", October 07, 2010 - January 23, 2011.

    - Amsterdam. In the Rijksmuseum: "Gabriel Metsu (1629–1667)", from 16 December to 20 March 2011.

    - Madrid. In the Prado Museum: "Passion for Renoir. The Collection of the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute", 19 October 2010 - 6 February 2011.

    - ... and other exhibitions and links about: art, illustration, photography, animation, design...


    - Augmented Reality in the museums. Via wwwhatsnew.

    - 14 photographers successfully on flickr. Via microsiervos.

    - Childrensillustrators.com.

    - Visit museums: Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas).

    - Artists: Fred Calleri. Via recogedor.

    - Artists: Roberto Ferri ( web / blog ). Via recogedor.

    - On ARTINFO: The Top 10 Artist Web Sites. Via thelmagazine.

    - Photorealistic painting: Steve Mills. Via curatedmag.

    - Curated Magazine: art, architecture, design...

    - Movies on YouTube. Via esmeraldasonline.

    - CriticalPast.com: the History through images. Via batiburrillo.

    - On TED: "David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization".

    - Photoshop tutorials: PSDtuts / PSHero / Tutorial9 / PSDlearning / PSDfan. Via free-web-design.

    - 1200+ Photoshop Tutorials Selected From The Best Web Design Blogs. Via free-web-design.

    - 150+ RSS Feeds That All Designers Should Subscribe To. Via free-web-design.

    - 30 of the Best Web Typography Resources Online. Via futurate.

    - DesignBump, zaBox and Design Float: social bookmarking websites about design news.

    - Sand Animation on YouTube: No corras tanto (Don't run so much).

    - Animation: Garra Rufa (Doctor Fish). Via kabytes. Watch on Vimeo / YouTube. See Timothy Chan blog. WebSite: ADAA (Adobe Design Achievement Awards). 2010 year.

    - Animation on YouTube: Electropolis.

    - Promotional Video for a children´s book. Via ilustrae. Watch on YouTube.

    - Video (publicity) on Vimeo: "Ubisoft Shaun White Skateboarding: Transformation". Via ilustrae.

    - Photographers: Marc Paeps.

    - Blog: El Baúl que no tenía mi abuela (the chest that didn't have my grandmother).

    - Blog: Cuaderno de retazos.

    - Squidoo: publish gorgeous web pages about all your favorite things. Example: The History of Landscape Painting.

    - 100 art blogs. Via artcareer.

    - Top 52 Graphic Design Blogs. Via guidetocomputertraining.

    - Amazing Photos of Animals. Via do-while. See Andris Eglitis Website.

    - Adobe Museum of Digital Media.

    - 40+ Digital Painting Tutorials. Via youthedesigner.

    - Compilation of Fresh Adobe Illustrator Tutorials. Via youthedesigner.

    - Colectivo Bicicleta.com: Illustration and Graphic Design in Colombia and Latin America.

    - Marta Moro: blog about painting.

    - Blog: Póngame un café.

    - Animateclay.com: website about stop motion.

    - Animation on YouTube: WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM.

    - Music Videoclip on Vimeo: "Little Red".

    - filmin and Cortometrajes on line: short films - in Spanish.

    - On DesignM.ag: 17 Outstanding Sources of Advertising Inspiration. Via puertopixel.

    - Animation on YouTube: "duel".

    - Publicity and Design on YouTube: "2010: A Case Odyssey". See website: I Make My Case.

    - Fractal Animations on YouTube: video 1 / video 2.

    - Animation on Vimeo: "35mm".

    - On YouTube (animation and infography): Japan - The Strange Country.

    - Animation: Blip. Via iccc. Watch on Vimeo.

    - Educational music animation on YouTube: "Meet the Elements".

    - Blogs: clusterflock.


    - Best Blogs of 2010 according to TIME. Via sicrono.

    - What is an electronic book or e-book? Via wikipedia.

    - The future of e-books: writinghood / newyorker / researchinformation / indianexpress / dailyfinance / digitimes / guardian.co.uk / guardian.co.uk [2] / independent / wsj.com / youtube / utsa.edu / engadget / pcworld / crave.cnet / netbooknews / innovatia. Watch on Vimeo / YouTube: The Future of the Book. See also on facebook: Big conversations.

    - Google Editions to launch in US this year, Europe next year. Via thebookseller.

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  • Tuesday, June 01, 2010







    - London. In The Royal Academy of Arts: "Sargent and the Sea", 10 July - 26 September.

    - New York. In the MoMA: "Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913–1917", July 18 - October 11.

    - Bern (Switzerland). In the Zentrum Paul Klee: "Klee meets Picasso", until September 26th.

    - Edinburgh. In The Royal Scottish Academy (National Galleries of Scotland): "Christen Købke: Danish Master of Light", until October 3rd.

    - Edinburgh. In the Dean Gallery (National Galleries of Scotland): "Another World: Dalí, Magritte, Miró and the Surrealists", 10th July 2010 to 9th January 2011.

    - Art Fairs: Melbourne Art Fair ( 4 - 8 August ) / ART TAIPEI 2010 ( 20 - 24 August ) / Shanghai Art Fair 2010 ( 8 - 12 September ) / ART MOSCOW 2010 ( 22 - 26 September ).

    - YouTube Play: selection of creative videos, until July 31th.

    ... and more news and resources about art.


    - Winners in the information graphics categories of the SND 31st edition (Society for News Design). Via infographicsnews.

    - Kroogi: artists community. Via kabytes.

    - Visit museums: Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia).

    - On YouTube: videos to learn sculpture. Via roc21.

    - BnWMovies.com: watch and download free old movies. Via wwwhatsnew.

    - 25 Free Online Magazines for Graphic Designers. Via free-web-design / kabytes.

    - The Pulitzer Prizes.

    - 365psd.com: free psd (Photoshop Document) every day for a year. Via wwwhatsnew.

    - Adobe Photoshop Skin Care CS4. Via isopixel.

    - Obture: social network for photographers (in Spanish). Vía wwwhatsnew.

    - Illustration and 3D: Michael Kustche. Via ateneupopular.

    - Photography and illustration: Alexia Sinclair. Via miraycalla.

    - Stop motion spot: The PEN Story ( youtube 1 / youtube 2 ). Via ilues.

    - PIXELS... the invasion has started. Vía onemoreproduction. Watch on YouTube.

    - Animation film: Metropia. Via cpluv. See WebSite.

    - Animation on YouTube: Love & Theft. See other animations of Andreas Hykade. Via cpluv.

    - deviantART: online art community.

    - Humour (YouTube): IRON BABY. Via rob021c.

    - Animation on vimeo: parkour. Via 40fakes.

    - 50 incredible 3D Artists. Vía bluemag.

    - Animation: Baby in the Sky. Via ilues. Watch on YouTube.

    - ilues: blog about illustration, animation... (in Spanish).

    - New 3D possibilities ( combination between real and virtual elements ): Lego Digital Box. Via cnet. Website: metaio.

    - 10 videos that explain the Augmented Reality. Via maestrosdelweb.

    - On YouTube: 3D Street art. Via pormispelotas. See also: The Crevasse / Joe&Max Calling / Manfred & Edgar / compilation ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 ).

    - Coroflot: portfolios of design, architecture, illustration, fashion, 3D...

    - Hi-Fructose Magazine.

    - Alexa Meade, the art of bodypainting. Via juxtapoz. See: flickr y website.

    - Art Channel on YouTube: giverny122.

    - RedBubble: share your art.

    - BBC - History Website.

    - Best of History Web Sites.

    - Giza 3D project: virtual reality applied to archaeology. Via talkingpyramids.

    - European Design Awards. Via icograda.

    - ICOGRADA: news and resources about graphic design.

    - Animation on Vimeo: MARS! Via drawn.

    - Animation on Vimeo: Salesman Pete Trailer. Via drawn. See blog: Salesman Pete.

    - Animation on YouTube: Café Allongé. Via cartoonbrew.

    - Animation on YouTube: Alf Bill and Fred. YouTube Channel: the Bob Godfrey Collection. Via cartoonbrew.

    - Drawn!: blog about illustration, comic, animation...

    - Cartoon Brew: blog about animation.

    - Animation on YouTube: Cutzilla. Via willkrause.

    - Animation on Vimeo: subprime.

    - Animation on Vimeo: BIRDY NAM NAM - THE PARACHUTE ENDING.

    - Animation on YouTube: A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything.


    - Chris Ware's rejected Fortune cover. Via boingboing. Wikipedia: Chris Ware.

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